APPEAL would like to invite you to be part of its future by becoming a member of the APPEAL Network and donating to help fund a national movement.


For 15 years, Asian Pacific Partners for Empowerment, Advocacy and Leadership (APPEAL) has been at the forefront of health policy, prevention, and community leadership development. Its groundbreaking work in tobacco prevention, cessation and policy has become a model for community health promotion and empowerment. APPEAL has helped AA and NHPI community organizations, activists, and individuals take the health of their communities into their own hands by building capacity and leadership at the grassroots community level and enlisting community members to advocate for changes in health and social policy toward tobacco. This work has played a key role in fostering health awareness and education on the far-reaching health impacts of tobacco products, which has resulted in the creation of a national movement of change to address health justice issues.

Through partnerships with numerous communities, individuals, organizations and network members, and with the support of generous funders and donors, APPEAL has been able to make the following notable advances in community health promotion:

  • Working with over 500 AA and NHPI community organizations to create a network to address health policies and issues related to tobacco and other health risks
  • Training and mentoring over 600 community fellows through its leadership training programs
  • Helping to initiate or support statewide tobacco control efforts in 25 states, territories and Pacific Island nations
    Launching statewide health and leadership development collaboratives for Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders as well as Latinos, African Americans, Native Americans, and LGBT communities in 3 states
  • Developing and implementing models for creating change on health justice issues including the community readiness, leadership development, technical assistance and policy change models

APPEAL hopes to continue this process of fostering, encouraging and supporting community leadership and empowerment on fundamental health issues such as tobacco other emerging health concerns. Please be a part of this movement by joining or donating to APPEAL.