Welcome to APPEAL’s infographic storehouse. Infographics addressing health disparities across a number of different underserved communities are available for download in pdf form. If you have a suggestion about an infographic that would fit with APPEAL’s mission, please email

9799_tobaccobib_displaypdf_icon INFOGRAPHIC: CVD-Related Health Disparities Faced by AANHI Communities (2014)

This infographic illustrates the CVD-related health disparities faced by AANHPI communities.

9799_tobaccobib_displaypdf_icon INFOGRAPHIC: Tobacco and Cancer Disparities Faced by South East Asians in the U.S. (2014)

This infographic provides a snapshot of the tobacco and cancer disparities faced by South East Asians in the U.S.

9799_tobaccobib_displaypdf_icon INFOGRAPHIC: Good Eats and Safe Streets Address Health Disparities Faced by AANHPI Communities (2014)

This infographic shows the health disparities faced by AANHPI communities that can be addressed by Good Eats and Safe Streets.