subcommitteesAs part of an effort to build capacity and develop leadership in our communities, APPEAL has established several tobacco control subcommittees, as well as one subcommittee for HEAL issues in Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander communities. These subcommittees include participants from the APPEAL Network who have been working in the tobacco control field for many years and have developed a wealth of expertise in the subcommittee topic area. Subcommittees also include those who have been identified as new leaders seeking to support and help strengthen the voice of their community.

Below is a list of APPEAL’s current subcommittees:

These subcommittees will discuss critical issues related to their respective topics, monitor recent advances, trends, threats or policy opportunities, and identify key materials (including in-language) and resources (e.g. journal articles) to help address their subcommittee focus. They will also provide APPEAL with input and direction for developing promising practices in a variety of tobacco control and HEAL areas.

For more information about the tobacco control subcommittees or Healthy Eating and Active Living subcommittee and updates on their activities, please contact Rhodora Ursua at